Dalian public resources trading market (public construction)
    A Full Triple Function System: cooling in summer, heating in winter, hot water for the whole year
    Dalian Public Resources Trading Market hosts the functions of Dalian State-owned Land Access Trading Market, Dalian Property Trading Market, Dalian Construction Projects Trading Center and Dalian Urban Construction Archives. The project, completed and operational since 2014, provides heating for an area of 140,000㎡. 
   Compared with applying traditional heating and cooling, the project construction cost saved about 6 million RMB.  Likewise, compared to traditional coal heating, about 1400 tons of coal are saved annually and annual emissions of 3,640 tons of CO2, of 42 tons of SO2, 78 tons of NOX, and 266 tons of dust/particles have been eliminated.
Li Jun Future City (residence)
    The first large-scale sewage-source heating project in Xi'an
    Li Jun Future City is located in the southwest of Beichen Street and North Third Ring Road Cross. The project applies KC Blue’s sewage source heat pump system based on anti-clogging, sedimentation-impeding heat exchanger technology to raw sewage provide heating. The total project heated area is 1.8 million m2, of which the first phase was 220,000 m2. The first phase has been operational since 2015, and it has maintained a winter indoor temperature that is over 20°C, which is higher than the national standard.  After the total project is completed, about 13,500 tons of coal will be saved annually and annual emissions of 37,800 tons of CO2, 410 tons of SO2, 760 tons of NOX, and 2600 tons of dust/particles will have been eliminated, all compared to traditional coal heating.