Wei County Central Urban area clean energy heating project

    The model of clean new energy heating for urban overall transformation

    The project applies sewage and surface water source heat pump systems as well as cold-water phase change energy heat pump systems for an overall emission reduction and energy saving transformation of the Wei County urban area.  The first phase of this project, covering nearly 2 million square meters of heated space, became operational in November 2017.  After the total project is completed, it will meet the space heating demand of 5 million square meters.  At that point, the system will eliminate the need to burn 33,600 (metric) tons of standard coal; thus reducing emissions of CO2 by about 94,400 tons, of SO2 by 1,010 tons, of NOX by about 1,900 tons, and of dust (or particulate emissions) by 6,400 tons, every heating season.
    The Wei County Central Urban area clean energy heating project is the first urban heat network overall cleaning transformation project in China.  As such, it will have a very high project visibility throughout the nation and will serve as an on-going, significant demonstration of KC Blue’s new energy systems’ capabilities.