Jiaozhou No.1 Energy Station
    National Technology Social Benefit Project
    National demonstration project of new energy heating
    Providing full heating for about 10 thousand residences, this KC Blue system has an energy station covering an area of only 1600 square meters, and a total project cost of nearly 100 million RMB. The system was completed in 2017, and will become operational after high voltage power lines are connected, prior to the 2018 heating season.  Using the company's pioneering sewage water heat pump technologies, the system extracts sensible heat from a main municipal sewage line, and applies it for building heating.  This available, readily extracted heat will satisfy the heating demand of about 1 million square meters of residential buildings.  
    As a result, the annual coal consumption will be reduced by about 9000 tons; and annual CO2 emissions will be reduced by 26,000 tons, SO2 emissions by 270 tons, NOX emissions by 500 tons, and dust/particle emissions by 1,700 tons. Once operational, this, the first KC Blue energy station in Jiaozhou clearly will continuously demonstrate that KC Blue’s advanced sewage water source heat pump system has the ability to replace coal-fired boilers for very large volume building heating.