Qingdao KC Blue New Energy Co., Ltd (KC Blue) was established in June, 2010 with a registered capitalization of 110,633,332 yuan. It has been listed in the Over the Counter Market since 2016, with the stock code of 835968. The company focuses on developing, manufacturing, and operating high-performance renewable energy systems for building heating and cooling. These systems extract and concentrate thermal energy from sources such as waste water, surface freshwater and sea water; reducing the energy consumed & emissions produced by 50% and operating costs by 30%, compared to traditional, fossil fuel systems.

Using highly innovative, patented technologies, KC Blue has developed a series of breakthrough products and processes, including equipment for 1) sewage and surface water heat extraction, 2) ultra-low temperature water heat extraction, 3) cold water phase change energy heat extraction and 4) industrial cooling water waste-heat extraction, all using high-efficiency enhanced heat pump systems. The sewage and surface water source heat pump systems and their anti-clogging, sedimentation-impeding heat exchanger components were acclaimed as “the leading technology in the world” by experts at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shandong University.

KC Blue serves as the national institution for product realization of advanced water source thermal exchange technology, in the national Technology Transfer and Commercialization initiative. Previously, the company executed several significant national projects such as “The National Major S&T Achievements Transformation” and “The National S&T Pillar Program during the Twelfth Five-year Plan Period,” thereby applying and significantly promoting this industry’s technology. These high performance systems have been widely applied in China, in locations such as Qingdao, Xi’an, Dalian, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Xining, and Hohhot, all with tremendous accolades.

KC Blue has an outstanding research team, led by Professor Sun Dexing, PhD., and Professor Wu Ronghua, PhD. (National High-level Talent Special Support Program). They developed numerous water source thermal energy-related technology innovations, resulting in more than 100 patents and the publication of over 200 theses. Using these technologies, they developed several new engineering applications of sewage and surface water source heat pump performance enhancements, as outlined above; thus having a profound influence in this energy saving discipline both nationally and internationally.

To maximize its efficiency and level of innovation, the company integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales, system integration, contract energy management and technology consulting.  To further encourage innovations, the company constructed an R&D center, a large laboratory, "expert" apartments, etc., and founded several R&D platforms, such as the “Low Value Energy Heating Engineering Technology Research Center of Shandong Province”, and the Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base of Shandong Province”. Concurrently with these initiatives, KC Blue established a long-term, close industry-academy-research cooperative effort with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harbin Institute of Technology.

Achieve dreams through innovation; win the future through action. KC Blue adheres to a specialized development strategy; to being forthright, true and pragmatic; and to being pioneering and innovative, thus leading the industry and its technology development. Through this operating philosophy and our superior products, we will engrave our name—for all to seein the Clear Blue Sky.