• Cold water phase change energy heat pump system

    Cold Water Phase Change Energy Heat Pump System Technology

        Turning 0℃ water to 0℃ ice, the phase change energy equivalent to 80℃ temperature drop. The development and utilization of giant phase change energy (latent heat) released by cold water freezing is an effective way to solve the problem of low-grade energy, and it can solve the heating problem of all buildings.

        Phase change energy heat pump is the new technology invented by the research team. Since 2000, the team carried out a large number of theoretical and experimental researches on the phase change heat pump, breaking some key technologies such as icing, deicing, removing, and realized the continuous and efficient operation of the system, successively developed multiple patent technologies. At present, the technology is mature and has been demonstrated application.


        The cold water phase change energy heat pump heating and cooling system is composed of three sub circulation systems, namely cold water circulation, intermediate circulation and terminal circulation.

        The working process of the system is as follows:

        (1) Cold water phase change cycle: cold water enters the cold water phase change unit at 0℃, releases phase change energy, becomes 0℃ of ice & water mixture, and then returns through the pipeline;

        (2) Intermediate water cycle: -5℃ intermediate water absorbs phase change energy to rise to -1℃, enters the heat pump to release temperature, and then enters the cold water unit again to complete closed loop transformation;

        (3) Terminal water cycle: 40℃ terminal water enters the heat pump unit, absorbs heat to rise to 50 degrees, and then enter the user building through the pipeline.

        When the system takes hot, we need to take an effective ice removal and ice discharge process, to achieve continuous, stable and efficient operation of the system, to ensure that the indoor temperature above 20℃.